Saturday, January 05, 2008

Thoughts of Meouw…ehm Mine ;)

Today was the third attempt from Ellie to force me into socializing with animals of my kind. Sorry I forgot to introduce my self, hey, my name is Polly and I'm 5 months old, I know that this blog belongs to Ellie but everyday I watch her set down on a chair in front of this box and starts typing some stuff and talking to you guys so I thought I really want to talk to you as well, she is in the other room right now so keep your voices down so she wouldn’t hear us shshshshhhh. Ellie is a nice girl but sometimes she does very silly and weird stuff, for example she would always sing me a stupid song and make me dance on the tone "Polly put the cattle on… Polly put the cattle on… we'll all have tea"… I just hate this song, cant she see that I don’t care if she is having tea or not, all I care about is meat:D Also when she holds me and starts to wave my hands towards this box she calls a screen to a guy and tell me "say hi to daddy" I guess his name is Daddy or maybe that's a name human beings call for people who torture little creatures like me by hanging them on the top of the balcony's door, he used to do that when he used to visit Ellie, but to tell you the truth the first time he did that I was very scared but afterwards I kinda liked it, I would do something wrong on purpose so that he would carry me up high and put me up there. I get really mad at her when she forces me to go out of home, first time she toke me down to the garden and I had the shock of my life there, I saw big green monsters she calls trees and I heard deafening sounds by monstrous metal creatures called cars, I was so scared that my knees were shaking. The second time she left me there by myself for two hours, under this big green thing called tree, it was soo cold and I was so scared and right before the night comes she showed up calling out my name, I didn’t go to her or reply I wanted to torture her by the thought that she lost me forever, but then again I felt that I miss her so much and when she carried me I felt safe and I was so happy to go home again. I know she is upset and she feels guilty because she thinks that because I stay so much with human beings I don't know that I'm a different creature and that I'm an animal, she thinks that its her fault because she didn’t let me go out when I was younger. If only I could talk I would tell her not to worry, I know exactly who I am and its soo obvious, four legs, white fur, and I'm human pet… of course I'm a Rabbit. Shhshhsh… I guess she is coming now, don’t tell her that I talked to you and don’t leave a comment so that she wouldn’t know. ok? - Silly Polly ;)


  1. Anonymous9:54 pm

    I loved reading this. Donnu why, maybe life from the viewpoint of a cat. But then, that cat turns out to be you examining how others may see you. Interesting experience. I always wonder how others see me, maybe too much actually.

    I logged in and read a few of ur previous posts ya Ellie a few days ago, but thought it was too late to past now...maybe I'll reconsider.


  2. Ohh....Little Polly, I'm about to leave my comment to let This ELLIE had a little bit mercy on you, tiny, fragile Polly.
    And if Ellie tortured you any more, just give me a missed call and if I have credit sure I'll pay you back the missed :p