Monday, June 11, 2007

Thinking About You

Have you ever thought of someone finding that after few seconds he is calling you on the phone or have you ever tried to call someone and found that he answers the phone telling you, I was just thinking about you. If it happened to you (which I'm sure it did) then you are invited to share my new theory that I made after two years of studying this extraordinary phenomena and I called it (ba`atan El-Roh) or sending the soul. Whenever you think of someone your body, mind and soul send electronic waves to this person no matter where he might be, these electronic waves are like the finger prints, so your waves are only yours and the recipient would know that it was YOU when he receives your waves. The feeing of the recipient depends on the strength, duration and the length of your waves, so if you thought of someone for a short time then the waves wouldn’t be so strong and the recipient might not feel them or feel them but ignore them and if you thought for someone for a long time and your feelings were so strong, take it for me this person will surly think of you at the same time. The reaction might differ from one person to another, some might pay you a visit some might call you on the phone, some might talk to the people around them about you others might ignore their feelings but their minds will be busy thinking of you. So this is a very good way for people to contact with one another and I bet in the future we wouldn’t need cell phones at all, we will just send our souls, and it could also be a very harmful way if you are planning to distract someone from their lives. But be ware if there is some one in the family you should give a call and he passed through your mind, then you should run to the phone and call him in advance so he wouldn’t call and tell you , "hey man, where are you, I was just thinking about you"

- Silly Ellie


  1. I believe in what you say. But the problem is we need to be in tone with our souls in order to be able to read the signs sent to us.

    If you are in touch with your soul, it unlocks worlds for you. You feel people all over and every time and you are much more in touch when someone is thinking about you.

    The problem is our hectic lifestyles leave very little time for us to get in touch with our souls and align them with our lives.

  2. The great Scientist Elham...
    I like your new theory so much... but where are the physical proofs... I mean elham sometimes I think so much about someone I hate ... but of course we never talk or see each other ... so how come u can prove ur theory now???

    Do those waves have to be positive or something??
    I think what u're talking about might be some kind of temporary Telepathy. Anyways dear it's good u think that way:)))
    Be ready for your Nobel Prize!!!

  3. Homer Van Doh1:12 pm

    Dear Dr. Ellie,

    The theory makes sense, but it seems to work very strongly with some people and not with others. Please explain why that is in your next post :)

    Your Student,
    Homer Van Doh

  4. Yes, I definitely think you are on to something here. When my eldest was a baby, if my husband or I woke up and thought of her, (how cute she is and so on), without moving or anything, she would wake up too in her own room. So we would deliberately not think of her so as to have some more rest!

    If you think of the world at sub-atomic level, I am sure the particles are exchanging energies in ways we cannot understand.

  5. Anonymous5:46 am

    I hope that is true. I have been thinking about someone for about 8 months now that I haven't seen in years. I hardly knew him too and we never really talked. He would ignore me but he would stare at me constantly for the whole year I knew him. I never knew why this was but after he moved away I started crying for him and forgot about him shortly after when I went to college. It's so strange to feel this way when we were never in a relationship or never even had a friendship for that matter. He was just there and that was about it. We ignored each other but I felt him always around me. I felt his attention on me a lot. I don't know why I suddenly started thinking of him 8 months ago after about four years but now it has been on a daily basis. I miss him and I don't know why. I wish someone could give me some insight into this =(

  6. Anonymous10:23 am

    Anonymous: wow & ouch. Yes I also knew someone years ago, it has been 7 years since I saw him. We spent a fair bit of time together surrounded by others, but for some reason we never spoke to each other. We are both nice, open people with lots of friends and family and we were 27. But it didn't feel comfortable to talk, not because we didn't want to, but for me there was a very intense, very overwhelming connection and attraction, and I was too overwhelmed to talk to him. The idea of talking just felt mediocre, like we would be undermining the intensity of this 'thing' between us if we reduced it to small talk :-)) I think sometimes it says more if someone can't speak to you than if they can. So there was a lot of ignoring, yet staring at each other when the other wasn't looking, and a little bit of mild flirting using body language and eyes! I felt something so strong with him and I am still sure he felt the same, although its easy to tell yourself you are being stupid, because you have no 'evidence'. He was extremely restless around me. I think its almost impossible to create a huge overwhelming energy by yourself! I went on with my life. I didn't forget him but I didn't really ever think about him. Then about 8 months ago I started thinking about him every day, and having really intense feelings and now it feels like I will go mad if I can't see him. I don't even really know him or what we would, or could ever be to each other. It's so strange. I am very intuitive but I always imagined that 8 months ago it was me who somehow opened those psychic 'doors', when I guess actually it could have been him. I like to think it just means there is some kind of journey mapped out for the both of you which ends up with you being together, but when you met was not the right time for either of you. So when it IS the right time something lets you know. For me, now really is NOT the right time!! but still I am feeling these things and they are impossible to ignore :-)

  7. Some people I think of I have experience then contacting me, but this one in particular I've thought about since we parted ways had not ever reach back out to me and there is not a day that goes by that I don't think of him. So, what's wrong with the energies here?

  8. Some people I think of I have experience then contacting me, but this one in particular I've thought about since we parted ways had not ever reach back out to me and there is not a day that goes by that I don't think of him. So, what's wrong with the energies here?

  9. Anonymous5:40 pm

    I always think of this guy i broke up with.hes always on my mind and when i see him he stares at me.i'm thinking to myself does he still love me coz i still do.cnt get him of my mind