Monday, August 27, 2007

Send Your Soul

After the post I wrote last June that was titled (thinking about you) I had many requests to continue my research on my theory, sending the soul, because many incidents proved that this theory is 100 % right. I'll tell you what happened and if you still don’t believe me then we can discuss it in more details later. One day one of my colleagues after reading my blog told me on the messenger, Homer Van Doh: Ellie, I'm trying to send brain signals to one of my friends all day but she doesn’t respond. Ellie: its either she is very busy in something or she is asleep. Homer Van Doh: its 3:00 pm now she couldn’t be sleeping til now In half an hour later I met her in the corridor and she said Homer Van Doh: you won't believe it, she was actually sleeping. Ellie: I was sure, I'm 100 % sure of my theory and if it doesn’t work with some one its because they don’t practice it and use their powers, but we all have these powers in us. Another day the grandmother of one of my friends died and she didn’t come to work I tried to txt her on her mobile phone and after that she txted me back saying: Ellie! I knew that its u without saving ur number yet I looked 4 it and when I saw it was u I was really touched! U know ur theory is 100% right. And I have hundreds of experiences with many people and the strength of telepathy or sending the soul as I prefer to call it differs from one recipient to another according to their significance in my life and their place in my heart;) In the coming posts I'll give you my extensive and detailed research on my theory with all levels of sending the soul, smell and even a call for help using our given powers. Have you been through an experience that proved sending the soul theory right/ wrong? Share it with us :)