Monday, April 09, 2007

Jenny in a bottle

One moth now and everyday I keep on rubbing the bottle so that my Jenny would come out but all my efforts go in vain. I keep telling myself… go Ellie, you are made for it, you have so much inside that you can share with people. Don't let the pen freak you out, it is just a tool so you can do it and let your writing Jenny come out. You just need to believe in your self more, take it easy, hold your pen, start writing, write anything. No no no don’t erase, edit or correct anything now. No don’t read now, don’t edit now Let your pen speaks…don’t shut it up…its your sword now. See Ellie it was easy, now you and your pen became close friends. Ok Ellie now leave it for a while so it would catch its breath and take some rest, Ellie, it is exhausted now Just go for a cup of tea or for something to eat Don’t you have anything to do other than writing Oh my God why did I let this Jenny out :(