Friday, December 25, 2009

Creative Writing

The Creative Writing Project

Last week I watched a movie called ‘Julie and Julia’ that is about a frustrated with a soul-killing job, Julie Powell, who embarks on a daring project and calls it the Julie/ Julia project where she vows to master all 524 recipes in Julia Childs' landmark cookbook `Mastering the Art of French Cooking’ in a year and shares the recipes and her thoughts about the book and its author with her Blog readers.

There was nothing special about the movie but the fact that Julie was approaching her thirties and she found herself doing a job she hates and realized that her days are passing by and there is nothing in her life makes her happy. After watching the film I started to think that’s me, I’m doing a job I don’t like, I feel that nothing brings me joy anymore and maybe the hundred articles, stories and poems I wanted to write and didn’t write so far because I didn’t really commit my self to it and/or maybe because I yet need to master the writing skill.

Suddenly I was filled with enthusiasm and kept looking for ways to help me master the art of writing and then yesterday I went to the library and borrowed a book called ‘The Creative Writing Course Book’. Today I started reading the book on my way to Taiyybun course I realised that this going to be my 6 weeks project and I called it The Creative Writing Project.

I’ll read every chapter of this book and I’ll do the exercises or the techniques that are suggested in the book and share what I do or write with you guys. However, I need to put a realistic dead date so I can commit and feel that I achieved something once I’m done, the best time limit I can give to my self would be 6 weeks, why? Because this is the longest period I can borrow the book from the library ;)

i made a new blog dedicated only for this project and i called it Mastering the Art of Creative Writing So I’ll finish every chapter and I’ll do the exercises and share it with you as I go along, if you want to awaken your writing giant, then come on let’s do the exercises together and share your thoughts with me.

- Silly Ellie

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I’ll Fight in a Different Way

Tuesday November 03, 2009- 11:30 PM

“ Please I want to go back, I want to be the person I was, I want to see the world with my old eyes, I can’t take it here anymore, this war is not mine to fight, can I just leave this battlefield?” she told him under her soft begging sobs.

Its been two years since she left her country, she thought back then that this is what every thing, a girl in her age, would wish for, married to someone she loves dearly and going to live with him in one of the biggest capitals in the world. She loves her country but she wanted to see the world, wanted to learn different things and meet different people even if it is for a while.

Now she feels so hurt, lost and her soul is dying, she thought to herself “ Now I ended up doing a job I hate because in this city it is a privilege to do what you like, sometimes people here do what they hate for the rest of their lives just to make ends meet. This is not how I want to live my life, I do a job that kills my soul, teaching for me is a boring, demanding job where I repeat information I already know to people who don’t care to learn.

I was also happy to participate in voluntary work in my local Masjid but I came to realise that this community is not ready for me yet, it is too young for what I expect them to be and they are rather threatened by my thoughts and ideas that’s why I believe some of the people from this community behave in a rather offensive manner because ‘you always fear what you don’t know’, so out of fear of me they hurt me. Also, coming from my mature community I know that I expected a lot from this immature and young community, which put me under a lot of pressure.

So for two years I gained nothing, I achieved nothing I obtained nothing but disappointments, frustrations and my spiritual life has been affected badly. I think what I need to do is to rearrange my priorities, not because I said yes to a certain commitment though I hate to do it, to carry on and do it and stay miserable”

The voice in her head keeps screaming louder and louder now, “ Let it go, leave and don’t feel guilty about anything, we make our tomorrow by the choices we make today, think of one thing you used to do that made you happy, do it again and maybe you’ll start to be the old person you were, and let go to all the new things that put you under pressure and doesn’t help you achieve your goals”

She discovered by letting go, she will be able to think clear, to do what she likes to do the most…. To write, about all things and everything, to connect back with her self, emotions and dreams.

He saw her eyes are glowing now though a minute ago it was sad and full of regret but as if someone lit a light in her soul, she is glowing, she seems hopeful as she held her eyes on his, smiled and said, “ Thank you for listening to me, I think I know my baby the answer to my question, I will not leave this battlefield, I’ll just fight in a different way.”

- Silly Ellie

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Long live Palestine...Long Live Gaza!

Yesterday, January 10th 2009 i went to a national rally that was attended by 100.000 people, we gathered in Hyde park, speakers corner and then we marched to the Israeli embassy. here are some videos of the protest: Long live Palestine...Long Live Gaza! Gawllaway. Annie Lennox. Paul Rowen MP Gathering in Hyde Park. - Silly Ellie