Saturday, December 15, 2007

Digital Fortress Unfortified

I just finished my third noveL for Dan Brown, i read Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons and now i just finished Digital Fortress, there is another one left which is Deception Point. I really enjoyed each and every part of those 3 novels. I read Digital FortrEss in couple of weeks and that's because i go to work and i also stayed in bed for few days because i was very sick and couldn’t read at that time. Through out that tiMe i was very much affected by the codes and encryptions, i even tried to encrypt the sTrange strings of numbers and letters in some programs on my computer, i also sent decoded messages to the people that i love to add some excitement to their lives. But how encryption started In its earliest form? when pEople have been attempting to conceal certain information that they wanted to keep to their own possession by substituting parts of the information with symbols, numbers and pictures.
Ancient Babylonian merchAnts used intaglio, a piece of flat stone carved into a collage of iMages and some writing to identify themselves in trading transactions. Using this mechanism, they are producing what today we kNow as 'digital signature.' The public knew that a particular 'signature' belonged to this trader, but only he had the intaglio to produce that signature.
Caesar was the first code-writer in history. When his foot-messengers stArted getting ambushed and his secret communiqu├ęs stolen, he devised a rudimentary way to enCrypt his directives. He rearranged the text of his messages such that the correspondence looked senseless. Of course, it was not each message always had a letter count which that was a perfect square, sixteen, twenty five, one hundred, depending on how much the Caesar nEeded to say.
He secretly informed his officers that when a random message arrived, they should transcribe the text into a square grid. If they did, and read top to bottom, a secret message would magically appear.
This method of encryption Dan Brown called it "Caesar Square" " and at the last page of the paperback bOok he left a string of numbers, the code that appears in the end of the book is: 128-10-93-85-10-128-98-112-6-6-25-126-39-1-68-78
Here's the way you decode it, take the numbers and arrange them in 4 Vertical columns of 4 numbers. It should look like this:
128 10 6 39 10 128 6 1 93 98 25 68 85 112 126 78
Each number corresponds to a chapter in the book, in which the first letter is cOnveniently larger than the rest, For example, chapter 128 starts 'WheN Susan awoke'. The resulting text is:
That is the letter that each number stands for. Using the "Caesar Square" method, you end up with:
"We are watching you."
NoW you can send as many encrypted messages as you want but make sure that the receiver's IQ is not less than 140 like me ;) And hey there is a hidden coded message in this post, look for it and tell me if you got it right, ok? - Silly Ellie

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Paint My Life

I know that I'm not the only one but like what I said in the send your soul theory I just feel that human soul has great undiscovered powers, if we really believed in them and really worked on them we will do marvelous things, we could reach stars and rule the world.
The newest theory I'm working on now is as follows: You can paint your life with your own mind Listen to this story and you'll know exactly what I mean, Through out the previous month I was troubled with plenty of negative feelings, specially on the eleventh of November, on that day I was so depressed and stressed out, I felt that life was unbearable, I had sleeping problems, didn’t concentrate at work, my PC was broken and my husband traveled. I saw everything in black, I was at work and on my way home it toke me three hours to get there, with people fighting and uttering every swearing word I could ever imagine, I wanted to cry so mush that I felt my tears are locked deep inside. Then I thought to myself that I have to get my self out of this misery because if I let myself in this state I would get into very bad depression. On the following day I kept thinking of the beautiful things in my life, I maximized every moment of happiness, on my way to work I kept contemplating in anything and looking at every face I see with a look full of love of the life. I felt that my life turning to be a painting with colorful places, with babies playing in gardens, lovers walking hand in hand and people loving one another, no place for hatred no place for envy in their hearts. Only right then that I discovered that my life is like a small painting that I own, I can paint it the way I want, every passing day is like a new blank piece of paper and it is me and only me who draws and paint it. Try this exercise with me and you'll know what I mean: Take a look at the room you're setting in right now for 2 minutes, try to memorize every single detail in your mind, then close your eyes for other two minutes, while you are closing your eyes try to count all the things and objects that is colored in RED Now open your eyes, and tell me when you were searching at the back of your mind for the objects colored red, haven’t you noticed that these objects stood out as if they were calling at you to notice them? Haven't you noticed that all the room seemed as if it was colored in red, yeah… this is what you would experience in your every day life. If you thought of misery, unhappiness and ugliness deep inside, you will see your life is painted with the same color your thoughts were painted with, you will see the ugliest things in life manifested in front of you, and vice versa. Just think of the people you love, the job you do now which you wanted to do years ago, the skills you have now that many people envy you for and the breaths you take now that some people are prevented from at this same moment and you will see your life is painted with contentment, happiness and love.

Which reminds me of this quote from the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, "When you want something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it. "

So clean your brush, close your eyes, start painting your life and leave me now to paint mine;) - Silly Ellie