Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar Away Land

Lately I've been taking a nap after Fajr and this nap would take me long that I would wake up at 10 and go to work very late, today I decided that I wont take this nap and go to my work early. So, I woke up, prayed Fajr, ironed my clothes and left my house at 7:00 am.
Once I walked in the street I felt the morning breathe on my face, it was sooooo cool and I liked it to the most, I kept walking, but there was something strange, I didn’t see any one walking or any cars passing by, no voice of a human being, the windows are closed and the city seemd sooooo quite.
I kept walking then I remembered the Egyptian movie that I saw only one time in my life and they didn’t show it again called (Adam Bidon Ghitaa, Uncovered Adam) this movie is a bout a man who woke up one day finding that there was no one on the whole country it was himself alone with absolutely no one at all.
The idea amused me to the most and I kept imagining if this would happen for real, I saw my self walking in the streets of Zayed, so happy, calling to people and so happy that there is no one to answer, going to the Huge Hyper 1 (A mall in Zayed city) and eat hundreds of chocolates and thousands of delicious sweets and tarts, Yummy Yummy.
Hmmmm, then what I would do, yeah I'll go to this building it has about 20 flats I will live each day in a different flat and when my 21st day comes I'll change the whole building, no I could live in a different building every day, no no I would go to the area of Villas where there is a swimming pool attached to every Villa, heeeeeeeeeyha I would finally be able to swim with no fear that any one would look or the swimming pool is not covered enough, I wouldn’t care there is no one to see.
No the villa is not a good idea, I could go and live in the president palace, yeah why not? There is no one, absolutely no one, therefore there is no government, politics, wars and no news which means that I wouldn’t work because I work for the media, oh my God who needs media now, I'll be the president of this country, no I would be the queen of this country and all countries.
The thing is it will be very far from here to get to the palace, I live in Zayed and the palace is in Al-Quba, I wouldn’t be able to walk, it is very far, and I don’t know how to drive.
Ellie, I think its time for you now to learn how to drive and I think u wouldn’t need a trainer you can do it by yourself, there would be no one that would bump into you and swear at you saying "watch out you …. …."
Which car should I take?, hmmmmm, this BMW is soooo cute, but no keys on, ok ok I'll take this lancer.
Ok here I am, this is the wheel, and this is the horn, and these two things I don’t know what to call them, but which one for what? Ok I think I should run the car using the keys first.
I always had a dream that I'm driving a car and I'm driving it from the back seat, they say that a car in a dream is an indication to ones life, then that means that I'm either running my life in a wrong way or that I'm not in full control over my life.
Anyways, I just have to get this thing running, ok now its running, I hear the motor sound, what should I do then? What should I do? Yeah press on these things with my foot but left or right, left or right ok, I'll push both any way. I think it started, but I cant control this steering wheel, the car is running as if it is drunk, I mean from far left to the far right, ok, I should move this wheel slowly, ok this is much better. What is this arm on my right side, mmmm I think I will try to see what is it for, ohwoooooooooow, the car is moving soooooo fast, I cant control it, I cant control it.
What is this sound? Oh my God, there is another car coming, I can hear its sound but I cant see it, where is this car, I cant control mine, where is this sound coming from? I'm looking everywhere around me there are no cars only the sound of one.
"Tahrir ya anisa?, are you going to Tahrir, Ms?" I woke up from this scary daydream on the voice of the driver of the microbus I was waiting for, I was seated, opened the window and breathed the morning fresh air, oh my God, great! Now I would go to work! :(
I wish my dream was for real and I wouldn’t have to go to work anymore, but on second thought life would be sooooooo boring without the endless tasks ustaz Kamal is overloading me with;)
Here I come Islamonline, heeeeeeeeeeeeyha.
- Silly Ellie


  1. Anonymous11:14 pm

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  2. Anonymous11:14 pm

    a Really nice dream and i wish it could come true only for one day
    A day without people around you will be a wonderful and a refreshing day

  3. Anonymous2:02 pm

    where is zayed city? is that a new place or something?
    nice blog btw elham! keep it up!

  4. anonymous #1
    though it might seem a very good dream but there is an Egyptian proverb that says "El-Gannah min ghair nas matendas". i.e even if you life in paradise you wont enjoy it unliss you have people around you;)

    anonymous #2

    Zayed city is a new city in Cairo, Egypt.
    and if you kmow my name anonymous then i guess you know that i'm Egyptian;)
    - Silly Ellie

  5. Good morning Elham... wake up plz.
    Tell me who'll bake the sweets you'll go and get for free from Hyper one... who will drive you.. who will clean your clothes ...

    I think living in an empty world is like living in hell... at least you'll need 10 persons with different capabilities with you... at the same time this can be good for only one or two days...

    Nice post ya Elham... so you've got an imagination at the end ... so what's wrong with u and LOTR?!!!

  6. Amula2:23 pm

    WOW,It's amazing dreem.I think at first I'll be happy but day by day will be so sad.I'll miss many persnos.Although some of them annoying me ,I like them.I agree with you ellie the paradis without lovely people will be a hell.
    more dreems,ok?