Friday, May 18, 2007

These Thoughts of Mine

Sometimes, I really just wish that I had someone I could just talk to and be totally brutally honest with, without having to worry about them judging me, not wanting to listen, not being able to trust them or opening up... Just about the little things in life that get me down, because everyone has them.
Sometimes, I feel like I can't open up, because it's a sign of weakness, or because I'm scared that I might expose some sort of vulnerability, or because my problems will just seem stupid and/or pathetic in the eyes of others. Or, in worst case scenario, they'll think that I'm after attention for them.
Which, in a way, makes this a sort of written thoughts to no one really, as no one (as I'm aware of) would be reading this any time soon.
And sometimes, I even regret writing these thoughts of mine:(

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