Thursday, May 24, 2007

Fighting The Girl In Me

I’m out to fight the devil but never fought myself Read a thousand books but never read myself My soul is starving it needs to be fed, lord I need your help Hell with the devil my biggest enemy’s myself It makes me wonder, am I doing this for the right reasons? I mean the money, the fame, and game all sounds appealing Instead of entertaining I prefer to enlighten But then again, who am I to be in a position To represent a whole generation of kids and to make them believe When till this day I still struggle to uphold my deen I read a 100 God is great in less then a minute And though my tongue is fast like twister My hearts not in it. Dedicated to the girl living in my head

- Silly Ellie

1 comment:

  1. Dear Elham,

    I believe that everyone of us sometimes underestimate ourselves.

    We are not perfect nor Angels, but still we have the ability to inspire, influence, direct, and change. There's this inner soul that we still explore everyday and believe me it'll amaze you dear what it can do as if it's having it's own free will.