Thursday, October 23, 2008

To my Beloved...Book

As the pages of a book are turned, I feel my whole world is broadening and changing. Sorrows are forgotten and happiness prevails I feel so beautiful so wise and strong and sometimes I feel mean and despicable if I wanted to.
Throughout the years of my childhood, I had been exposed to quality books of all kinds: picture, story, rhythm and rhyming, adventure and mystery, fantasy, interpersonal relationships, travel, literature, riddles and puzzles, arts and science. It was my eldest sister’s effort that made reading a treasured part of my life.
“It just takes me to a world of my imagination” that was my answer when I was asked why I love reading books that much, but there are some books that you don’t get the feeling right it makes a fake world as if you stepped into wax museum, no soul, no sound no taste.
I’ve been blessed with bunch of good books on my shelf that I feel turning the first page is as if I pay a plane ticket to a world that exists only in my imagination, a world where thunder burns against my ears but doesn’t frighten me, a sip of Apple juice or bite of coconut biscuit that feels me up with a sweet taste, in this world I can do anything no boundaries, no limits, I can be what I want to be.. when I want it.. and how I want it.
Some books for me are like boats that sails through the oceans to carry me to new adventures, so I meet pirates, talking animals or monstrous trees, some others are like my mum with her soothing words or like a friend with sharp but truthful critical advice or like a person to whom I belong. Holding my book so close make me feel so strong that me and only me is able to give this world a halt or to relive in it again with different voices, different tastes and different emotions.
Just delving deep inside each book sparks my creativity and imagination; introduces me to new people, places, and ideas; builds up my confidence and strengthens my feeling of life worth; and clarifies difficult situations and troublesome feelings. In short, books help me reach out to the world beyond the here and now and perceive an ever-expanding array of possibilities.
Silly Ellie

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