Sunday, December 02, 2007

Paint My Life

I know that I'm not the only one but like what I said in the send your soul theory I just feel that human soul has great undiscovered powers, if we really believed in them and really worked on them we will do marvelous things, we could reach stars and rule the world.
The newest theory I'm working on now is as follows: You can paint your life with your own mind Listen to this story and you'll know exactly what I mean, Through out the previous month I was troubled with plenty of negative feelings, specially on the eleventh of November, on that day I was so depressed and stressed out, I felt that life was unbearable, I had sleeping problems, didn’t concentrate at work, my PC was broken and my husband traveled. I saw everything in black, I was at work and on my way home it toke me three hours to get there, with people fighting and uttering every swearing word I could ever imagine, I wanted to cry so mush that I felt my tears are locked deep inside. Then I thought to myself that I have to get my self out of this misery because if I let myself in this state I would get into very bad depression. On the following day I kept thinking of the beautiful things in my life, I maximized every moment of happiness, on my way to work I kept contemplating in anything and looking at every face I see with a look full of love of the life. I felt that my life turning to be a painting with colorful places, with babies playing in gardens, lovers walking hand in hand and people loving one another, no place for hatred no place for envy in their hearts. Only right then that I discovered that my life is like a small painting that I own, I can paint it the way I want, every passing day is like a new blank piece of paper and it is me and only me who draws and paint it. Try this exercise with me and you'll know what I mean: Take a look at the room you're setting in right now for 2 minutes, try to memorize every single detail in your mind, then close your eyes for other two minutes, while you are closing your eyes try to count all the things and objects that is colored in RED Now open your eyes, and tell me when you were searching at the back of your mind for the objects colored red, haven’t you noticed that these objects stood out as if they were calling at you to notice them? Haven't you noticed that all the room seemed as if it was colored in red, yeah… this is what you would experience in your every day life. If you thought of misery, unhappiness and ugliness deep inside, you will see your life is painted with the same color your thoughts were painted with, you will see the ugliest things in life manifested in front of you, and vice versa. Just think of the people you love, the job you do now which you wanted to do years ago, the skills you have now that many people envy you for and the breaths you take now that some people are prevented from at this same moment and you will see your life is painted with contentment, happiness and love.

Which reminds me of this quote from the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, "When you want something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it. "

So clean your brush, close your eyes, start painting your life and leave me now to paint mine;) - Silly Ellie


  1. I agree with your theory about 'paint your life' - how you feel all depends on what you focus on. Like the poem 'Two men looked out from the prison bars, one saw mud, the other saw stars'

    I find this du'aa really useful to refocus my attention on to the nice things in life 'We are in delights (ni3ma), well-being (3aafiya) and shelter (sitr) from you, so perfect your delights, well-being and shelter on us'

  2. Rousha10:10 pm

    i do agree with you, Ellie!

    many times i start my greeting with friends asking how are their lives? Pink or green?
    these are the two colors of my happy days.. for me no color is for the sad!

    Subhan Allah imagine the whole entire world is only one color! how can we perceive things and how can we consider out lives!
    wishing your life now is pink or green LOL

    unique idea for a useful post!
    Rousha Mohammad

  3. Ur words r totally right when it comes to a temporary moment of sadness, but some times we became unable to re-paint our life, coz when life turns its back off no one could made it to be painted.

    But overall, we are responsible for the colors which our days are painted wiz.

    I always believe that " the darkest hour is that before dawn"

    eventually,Optimistic and nice post, Go on