Friday, October 26, 2007

Life is like a BIG bowl of Kushari

For those who are not familiar with the word Kushari and what does it stands for, Kushari is a cheap Egyptian food consisting of spaghetti, macaroni, rice, lentils, corn, fried onions, and a spicy tomato sauce. This mixture of unrelated things together make the most famous Egyptian dish, though what I'm referring to is not the type you can find our Moms and real housewives make at home but what I mean here is the Kushari that is served in the Kushari restaurants that its smell makes you faint. For me life is like a big bowl of Kushari for two reasons, The first reason is the different items that are mixed together to result in a totally different thing and I guess this is what life is all about, we human beings are very different, different languages, colors, religions, lifestyles, ways of thinking and ways of expressing what we feel. Its all different but in the end it is mixed together to give a unique and a special result. The other reason is that in this mixture every item affects or influences the other in a way or the other, I mean mixing with people would affect you in a way or the other just like the mixture of tomato sauce with rice and spaghetti gives each item a different taste. When I mix with some people and deal with them they bring out the worst in me, they make me feel very stressed and they overload me with very negative feelings and ideas, some others just being around them make me happy and I feel that something deep inside me was affected by them, they bring out the best in me, the love for life and for the people and also the need to be a better person. life is like a Big bowl of Kushari for another thing, sometimes it tastes good and you feel that you want to live every minute as if you are drinking from life itself its beauty and happiness, sometimes it doesn’t, too spicy, too smelly or too much to handle in one plate exactly like life sometimes it just feels as if it stinks as if every minute is unbearable pain, but every time you eat Kushari and every time you go on and continue living your life there would always be a feeling of incompleteness, a lack of satisfaction because the whole purpose of this life is not to be fully satisfied or happy, satisfaction and complete happiness are in another place and time which I liken to a BIG bowl of fruit salad or cream caramel or… I'm hungry now, gotta fix my self something to eat :D
Hey, life for me is a Big bowl of Kushari, what life is for you? - Silly Ellie

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