Tuesday, December 09, 2008

My first `Eid in London

My previouse Eid experiences, that were all in Egypt, wither in Fayoum, Maadi or Zayed, were full of joy and happiness. I Would feel the Eid spirit days before the actual day of Eid, we go out buy new cloths, see decorations in the streets, arrange with family to meet. On Eid day we would wake up early go to the masjid and decorate it, prepare gifts for the kids when they come to the masjid, then attend the prayer. My best part is when i get my `Eidiyyah (new money as a gift in Eid) from my masjid teacher and then sing some nashids in the masjid, see all the sisters and then go home to eat the lovely fatta with all the family that come to our place. This years Eid, I felt so depressed days before, because there is no Eid spirit, all decorations in the streets are Christmas stuff, most Muslims here doesn’t even know when is Eid some doesn’t even know that there is Eid. On day of Arafa I felt the spirit by fasting and knowing that Alhamdulilah and inshaaAllah Allah forgave my last year’s sins and the coming one, I went with my husband as well to buy gifts for the family and my husband bought me new phone, instead of the one I put in the washing machine :(. On Eid day I went to pray in the mosque, that was undecorated and no sign that it is Eid apart from Eid prayers that was made four prayers because mosques are small and can’t take all the numbers of Muslims, so the prayers were done four times. After the prayer I waited to see some of the sisters I know, and I found only two, we had a chat for a little while and then I left to go home, I searched the internet for an event for Muslims and I found this promotion about 1 Eid event. Just reading the promotion mad me wanna fly there and enjoy all the lovely things and feel the spirit of Eid like what they say in the promotion. Though the place was far and we drove for about an hour to get there, I was shocked by the state of things, and how Muslims are unorganized and uneducated about manners, personal hygiene and tidiness. I wouldn’t speak more I will just show you the pictures. there was an offensive smell in the ladies' room and kids nappies was allover the place, c'mon Muslims i think we know how to use the bins.
Student's leaflets and college stuff along with food left on the tables.
food left on chairs on the tables.
the stage that was most of the time closed with no performers or lectures and the women made a lot of noise that you wouldnt even hear the performer if there was a performance.
food left on the table agian:8
i think as Muslims we still don't know how to celebrate properly, though we need to be examples to non-Muslims but i think we should learn keeping our celebration gatherings clean, tidy and organized.
Silly Ellie

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  1. Anonymous12:48 pm

    Well I'm sorry to hear that your first eid turned into a rather horrible one! I think over here in the UK Eid is really what you make it. If you want to make a great Eid for yourself and other people you have to make the effort to achieve that. Whereas back home Eid is always organised by other people who may even seem as professionals when it comes to creating the Eid spirit, and therefore leaving you to not do anything but to sit back and enjoy the whole thing. Even here in London as you mentioned you see streets decorated with christmas lights, even windows of houses, etc. I guess you'll only feel it when you see it, and when you see it you'll believe it! hehe

    Nimo x

    p.s. cleanliness, cleanliness, cleanliness, care to watch this? - http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=09xX9UwwVGY